Buffleheads – Jan 26, 2014

The most skittish duck species I’ve come across…always seems to be on the far bank of a river or heading away from me! Took a good deal of patience & some frozen extremities to get these, but easily my best Bufflehead shots to date & a treat to see the males’ iridescence.

The male…A25K7669d&b-mask-crop2-fb

and a female…A25K7585g-final-crop-fb

Great Gray Owl – Griffith Woods – Jan 11 & 12, 2014

What a privilege and a pleasure it was just a few weekends ago to be able to watch & photograph a GGO within the Calgary limits. Here are some of the shots:GGO2GGO3GGO4GGO7GGO1GGO10-with vole