Fish Creek Provincial Park – 6 April

Rusty Blackbird - you can see the red-orange 'rust' on the neck & underside.

Today the temperature was hovering around 0 C and the sky was overcast, so when my kids went for their afternoon nap I jumped in the car and headed off to the ‘Mallard Point’ area of Fish Creek Provincial Park which I do not believe I had visited before. After 30mins of walking along a path next to the creek, I has seen nothing of note & decided to head back. When I got to the car I decided to go another 5 minutes in the other direction and soon heard some bird calls I did not recognise. I soon located the source high in a tree & took some ‘identifier’ shots  of what I took to be the fairly common Red-Winged Blackbird, then headed home.( Note: I say ‘identifier shots’ because I was not able to get a decent photo of such a dark bird against an overcast sky…hence the shots were purely to identify the bird, not to hang in the gallery!) Later in the day when I reviewed my shots I was very pleased to identify the bird I had photographed as a Rusty Blackbird, a first for me :).

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