Boulton Creek PP, Kananaskis, AB – 15-17 June, 2012

Off camping again, this time in the foothills and lakes of Kananaskis. While the weather did not cooperate as much as we would have liked (when it wasn’t windy it was raining), there were still some photographic highlights. A family walk down to the mouth of Boulton Creek where it flows into Kananaskis Lake yielded a very photogenic Wilson’s Warbler (lifer) who was happy to let me get very close to the willow shrub he called home.

A bike ride down to the same spot in the afternoon led to no new birds, but instead a close encounter with a young bull moose who was feeding very close to the car park and soon drew a sizeable crowd of tourists. Once again I was happy to have the zoom so as to allow me to shoot from a safe distance. Richardson’s Ground Squirrels were ever-present as well.

Our campsite also had some treats in the form of the delicate Calypso Orchid, as well as some scarlet & black ladybug-like beetles (which my daughter alerted me to!).

A Shame the weather was not better as I’m sure the wind kept a lot of the birds hunkered down out of sight. Still, I can’t complain about the shots I did get.


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