Help Wanted

I love photographing nature, and am always keen to photograph more nature subjects – be they rare or common, large or small.

However, even if you have the best camera gear and fantastic photographic skills, this all equates to nought if you can’t find a subject to shoot!

So this is where I’m asking for your help:

On the bird front, I’ve photographed over 180 species from Western Canada but there are several hundred more still out there that I’d like to capture! In particular, I’m after:

  • Sandpipers
  • Longspurs
  • Buntings
  • Warblers

And of course any:

  • Owls, owls, owls
  • and any birds of prey.

So if you, or any folks you know, find any of these birds and would be willing to share their location I would very much appreciate it.

Also, one of my favourite places to shoot is on sloughs on private property where I can take my time & get down low to take images of waterfowl, shorebirds and the like and, importantly, not have the birds constantly flushed by dog-walkers and general public passers-by!

And I’m always interested in other animals such as bears, lynx, foxes, wolves, etc.

So again, if you, or someone you know, knows such a place I’d love to pay a visit.

Please contact me here.

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