Birds of Maui, HI

All of these shots were taken in the first week of March, 2014 during a family vacation. The shoredbirds were all seen at Kealia Pond NWR, and the endemic honey creepers at Hosmer Grove in Haleakala National Park.

(Click on any image to enlarge).

I’iwiA25K7261-fb A25K7300crop-enh-fb A25K8255v2-fb A25K8245-fb

ApapaneApapane - 1024 A25K8351enh-d&b-fb

Hawaii CreeperA25K8297enh-fb

A25K8329d&b-autocolour-fb A25K8321d&b-crop-autocolour-fbNeneA25K8417crop-legs-fbA25K8469-fb

Hawaiian StiltA25K8051d&b-fb A25K7899d&b-fb A25K7886-fb A25K7505-fb A25K7524-fb A25K9590enh-finalv3-fb A25K9519-fb A25K9313d&b-final-fb A25K9478d&b-fb A25K9011-fb A25K8980fb A25K8953fb A25K9627d&bv2-rotate1enh-final-fb A25K8921fb

Hawaiian CootA25K7821crop-fb A25K7804-fb A25K7362-fbA25K7981-fb

SanderlingA25K8238-fbA25K9219d&b-fb Ruddy TurnstoneA25K8841fbA25K8757fb Pacific Golden PloverA25K8016-crop-fb A25K7337crop-fbA25K7317-fb Black-crowned Night HeronA25K7836-fb

A25K9044d&b-fb A25K9009-fb A25K7815-fbA25K8611v2fb Cattle EgretA25K9492-fb


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