Back to Grand Valley Rd – 6 May

Once again I headed out to Cochrane and was soon rewarded by the sight of several female Mountain Bluebirds busy gathering dry grass to line their nest in one of the many nesting boxes on the farm fences. They seemed to be battling with Tree Swallows for housing rights and I did notice one swallow enter what turned out to be an occupied box, then get chased out by an unimpressed Bluebird!

Entering the forested area along the road, I encountered a small flock of Gray Jays looking for grubs in roadside scrub at the spot where I had seen the Great Gray Owl a few weeks prior.

Less than a kilometer further on a pair of Mountain Bluebirds perched in a fallen tree quite close to the road and I was able to get a nice shot of the male.

Once again I made the return leg via backroads and was pleased to see my first White-Crowned Sparrows, in the same tangle of bushy trees I’d sighted American Tree Sparrows on my last trip…must be ideal conditions for this species. This sparrow distinguishes it self from others by its bright orange beak and striking black and white crown.

Overall, another satisfying trip with 2 new ‘life birds’ plus some good Bluebird images.






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